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Kato (Coton) and Hiro (Bolo)

Ellie (Bolo)

Archie and his Family

CC and Family


Callan and Casey

Rose (Bolo) in Idaho

Colleen and Levi

Ignacio and Archie

Ellie (Bolo Boy)

Stanley and Daisy

Molly's graduation from puppy school

Phoebe and Lisa

Daisy and Alexis

Joslyn and Poppins

Izzy (Coton) in Michigan

Vicki and Kloe

Sparty Mouse (Bolo)

Natalie and Kloe


Rocky (Bolo)

Katie with Coton Scarlett

and Scarlett's sister

Stella Grace (Bolo)

Wall-E (Bolo Pup)

Harper and Ryker in Denver Colorado (2 Bolo's)

Merry Christmas from two Bolo babies

Ryker (male) and Harper (female) 

Bubie (Bolo male) happy at

his new home in Canada

Happy 2nd Birthday Annabelle! (January 8th) One of our famale Bolo's who

found her fur-ever home!

Chico (Bolognese male) loving

his new home in Minneapolis

Gianni (Bolo Boy) loved by

Cheryl in Illinois!

Sophie with her new Bolognese puppy Gia!

Looks like Gia found an amazing home and new best friend :)

Pauline in Palm Beach, Florida adopted

a Bolo girl! Her name is Sophia!

Carol from California adopted Camille (Bolo baby) and couldn't be happier with her

Susanne from Canada loves to dress Bolo Vincent up to go on winter walks!

Gracee Mae is getting big! She now weighs 4 pounds! She's a precious Bolo who loves riding in the car and playing with her stuffies.

Helen and Dave love their Bolo's; Cheeto, Lulu and Rafi!

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