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The Bolognese breed is a toy breed.

The Bolognese's Behavior

Source: FCI

Recommended for: pet dog

  • The Bolognese dog breed is very serious and is generally not very active. Bolognese's are also enterprising, docile, and very affectionate towards their master and family.

The Bolognese's Physical Characteristics

Here are some of the characteristics of the Bolognese breed as determined by the UKC's published breed standard.

  • Size: males 10 - 12 1/2 inches; females 9 - 12 inches

  • Coat: long, in locks do not lie flat along body

  • Color: white, champagne color

  • Eyes: well open, a size larger than normal, round, dark

  • Ears: mid-length, dropped ears, set high on head

  • Muzzle: moderate length

  • Nose: black

  • Tail: long haired in locks, carried curved over the back

The Bolognese's Origins and History


  • Country/Region of Origin: Italy

  • Original purpose: toy

  • Name: Named after the city of Bologna where they first gained popularity as early as the Middle Ages

  • Historical notes: Bolognese dogs were much sought after by the Italian nobility but as the interest in them waned, so did their numbers. A number of breeders in Italy and Belgium restored their population to a stable number. They are recognized by the FCI, the UKC, and ARBA.


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